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Arqit's NetworkSecureTM Adaptor


 Integrated, automated, on-demand quantum-safe protection of VPN data communications

NetworkSecure Adaptor

Arqit's NetworkSecure Adaptor is a lightweight software application that hardens VPN communications against both traditional man-in-the-middle attacks and Store Now, Decrypt Later1 quantum attacks. Through a simple integration with existing network infrastructure, NetworkSecure allows organisations to easily and cost-effectively adopt a defence-in-depth approach, complying with the latest cybersecurity recommendations from standards bodies like NIST, and protecting themselves from devastating future breaches.

1 SNDL attacks – Encrypted data is harvested today and stored by adversaries with the intent to decrypt it in the future when quantum computers reach sufficient maturity.




Arqit’s NetworkSecure Adaptor is an easy to deploy and manage application that integrates seamlessly with a customer’s network infrastructure to provide on-demand quantum-safe shared symmetric keys brokered by Arqit SKA Platform™.


The keys are requested in real time using the standard-based ETSI-014 API interface and consumed by network devices to provide an additional layer of encryption security, protecting data-in-transit traffic against PKI-related attacks and the quantum threat, both of which exploit weaknesses in public key cryptography.


The solution improves efficiency, flexibility, and scalability at a lower cost compared to alternative solutions that rely on QKD or Post Quantum Algorithms (PQA) alone.



  • Immediately hardens network communications and keeps data secure, preventing devastating SNDL attacks that carry significant financial, compliance, and reputational risk
  • Simple, small-footprint overlay to existing infrastructure, avoiding rip-and-replace by integrating seamlessly with PKI and IPsec
  • Minimal management overhead, with data easily exportable to existing SIEMs/XRD solutions
  • Enables compliance with National Security Memorandum NSM-10 and NSA CSfC Symmetric Key Management Requirements Annex 2.1
  • Conforms to NIST standards for cryptography e.g. AES-256, as well as NSA’s recommended use of pre-shared keys to protect against the quantum threat
  • Easy-to-use Arqit cloud console for advanced Adaptor configuration management e.g. endpoint logical grouping and endpoint policies
  • Negligible performance and latency impact

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