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Arqit SKA Platform™


Introducing our symmetric key agreement platform

Arqit SKA Platform™, formerly known as QuantumCloud™, enables organisations to simplify and strengthen their encryption on a global basis. You can move from a complex PKI infrastructure, and the need to trust third parties, to an encryption platform designed for the cloud and a world of connected devices.

Arqit SKA Platform is available as Platform as a Service and as a private instance.

Step 01

Registering & provisioning

All endpoints that use SKA Platform™ must be registered and provisioned, meaning they are known to SKA Platform and have been given the correct permissions to use its services. Registration relies on the secure delivery of a root key, which we call the bootstrap key, to every device. This can be done manually or over-the-air. Once the bootstrap key is installed, a device registers with SKA Platform via a simple API call.


Why Arqit SKA Platform?


Easy to implement

SKA Platform is easy to implement with globally standardised and validated algorithms (e.g. AES256) and can be used together with existing Public Key Cryptography.


Lightweight cryptography

SKA Platform uses only symmetric cryptography for authentication and key agreement making it extremely fast and efficient, meaning it works well on devices of any size.


Policy enforcement

With SKA Platform it is easy to add and delete devices from a network and control which devices can speak to each other through security policy.


Symmetric keys

SKA Platform uses cloud-based symmetric key agreement to keep your information absolutely safer.