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Investment case

Arqit's investment case has the following crucial features

Product solves an existential threat to the entire digital world

Arqit can stop the cyber-attacks crippling infrastructure and service

Product live and for sale today

QuantumCloud™ V1.0 released in July 2021

Strong customer base

$130m in contracts already from blue chip enterprise and government customers and $1.1bn+ pipeline

Hyper-scale revenue growth

A cloud delivered model allows vast total addressable market to be penetrated quickly

Globally unique and highly protected technology

Arqit is four years ahead of the rest of the world, with a patent moat of 1,435 patent claims

World-leading management team

Vast experience of leadership in technology, defence and intelligence

High EBITDA margins

Minimal operating expenses and operational leverage expected to result in c.70% margins

Arqit’s Investment Case

Presentation for Investors

Analyst and Investor Day – August 2021

Presentation for Investor and Analyst Day

What customers are saying

UK Government Minister for Science, Amanda Solloway MP:  “As a global science superpower, the UK continues to make advances in quantum science which is revolutionising cybersecurity across the world. Backed by government funding, Arqit is paving the way in developing a new generation of quantum technologies that defend against sophisticated cyber-attacks on national governments, strengthening our resilience and helping us all the build back better from the pandemic”.


Kevin Brown, Managing Director of BT Security said, “As this project advances to a global stage, it provides a clear example of how the UK is playing a leading role in developing important new technologies”.


Eiji Ishida, Executive Officer and General Manager, Sumitomo Corporation said, “For Sumitomo this is an opportunity to contribute enhancement of cyber security capabilities for the important benefit of Japanese governments, enterprises and citizens. It allows us to manage a local instance of the infrastructure and deliver the control that our defence customers will require”.


Marina Mississian, Senior Director Honeywell:  “Satellite enabled quantum encryption is strategically important for Honeywell and Canada. With the support of the Canadian government, we have been pleased to be associated with Arqit's commercial mission and now to join the FQS system, which will further the collective security goals of the ‘Five Eyes’ community of nations”.


Norman Bone, Chair and Managing Director, Leonardo UK “The rapid, collaborative evaluation of new and cutting-edge technologies such as those developed by Arqit are a key element of Leonardo’s strategy to establish and deliver next generation systems to our customers enabling effective and secure multi-domain operations including in the cyber and space domains”.


Nick Chaffey, Chief Executive of Northrop Grumman UK, Europe and Middle East: “Working with advanced and highly innovative British technology companies like Arqit is central to our UK partnership strategy. Leveraging our U.S. expertise related to market access for quantum encryption technology has the potential to add significant value to our customer solutions”.


Howard Watson, Chief Technology Officer of BT said: “ We are proud to be providing this technology to UK customers, which will bolster our industry-leading security capabilities”.


Manfredi Lefebvre, Chairman, Heritage: “Arqit’s quantum tech stack allows lightweight end point software to create encryption keys which are computationally secure, zero trust and one time in infinite numbers and infinite group sizes. I think this makes QuantumCloud™ the most important cyber invention of its era and the company is already taking the first software version  to market at pace”.


Dr Justin Hill, Partner at Dentons: “a ground-breaking approach to legal innovation that has given us an opportunity to shape the next generation of KYC and compliance software".

Arqit: Stronger, Simpler Encryption