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QuantumCloud TM

Secures devices everywhere with cloud-based quantum encryption

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A simple, effective solution fit for the cloud era

Our platform solves the problems of legacy encryption techniques today. And it provides a defence against quantum attack in the future.

QuantumCloud™ enables organisations to simplify and strengthen their encryption on a global basis, appliance-free. You can move from a complex PKI infrastructure, and the need to trust third parties to an encryption platform designed for the cloud and a world of connected devices.


QuantumCloud™ delivers the most effective, efficient and secure form of encryption to your devices - anywhere in the world

Whether you’re securing regional networks, mobile devices, IoT sensors or blockchains, QuantumCloud™ is a scalable, policy-based solution. It’s quick to deploy and requires zero infrastructure.


Arqit’s technology rests on inventions in two domains. The transmission of quantum information over fibre is secure but only at limited distances. Satellites can transmit quantum information over long distances (known as satellite quantum key distribution, or QKD), but the previously known protocols for QKD have major implementation flaws. We don’t do QKD, we invented our own quantum encryption methods which are trustless and provably secure. Arqit has invented a new quantum protocol which solves all the problems the world knows about, and some that it doesn’t. Right now, we are working with a few dozen multinational companies and governments. In the coming months we will tell you more about the technology and the place it is finding in the world.

If you work at a large company which needs to ensure its data is secure, please email us to get in touch.

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