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Financial Services

About Financial Services

State actors and organised criminals are already establishing quantum capabilities and targeting financial services firms. Cloud-based symmetric key agreement can shield financial services against these threats and safeguard an industry that is constantly evolving.

QuantumCloud™ removes the PKI certificate attack vector and replaces it with strong, active authentication—reducing dependence on PKI and asymmetric encryption by overlaying quantum-secure symmetric keys. Efficient and lightweight cryptography then ensures the high performance and low latency of digital transactions at scale.

  • Harvest now, decrypt later

    Encrypted data is being stolen now for future use

    Organised criminals and state actors are already attacking PKI and harvesting now for future decryption and theft—highlighting the here-and-now risk to data and assets in financial services.

  • Quantum threat horizon

    Quantum computing will be a reality this decade

    The qubits required to run algorithms that will break public-key cryptography used across financial services encryption are doubling every 4-6 months—shortening the quantum threat horizon to 3-5 years.

  • Legacy infrastructure

    Exploitation of system vulnerabilities is a growing risk

    The legacy infrastructure in place across financial services firms is compounding the impact level of threats. Additionally, the move to a multi-cloud strategy and consuming third party applications are increasing risk vectors.

  • A widening attack surface

    Digital transformation drives rapid change to points of vulnerability

    Significant growth in the digital assets market widens the attack surface across the infrastructure underpinning networks that are in use in the financial services sector.

Symmetric Key Creation

Secure-by-design principles at every layer

  1. 01Encrypted infrastructure tunnels

    Securing data in transit that is delivered at scale between two fixed endpoints.

  2. 02Cloud to endpoint

    Securing data between virtualized servers and networked devices.

  3. 03Endpoint to endpoint

    Securing data from networked device to networked device.

  4. 04Application layer encryption

    Securing data from application to application.

  5. 05Encrypted data storage

    Securing data at rest and in transit.

For Financial Services
We Secure

  • Financial data at rest and in transit

  • Network communications

  • Transaction networks and payment platforms

  • FIAT and digital assets


Introducing QuantumCloud™

QuantumCloud™ uses cloud-based symmetric key agreement to keep your data absolutely safer.

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