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Government Systems and Critical Infrastructure

About Government & Defence

Cyber-attack is amongst the highest risks managed by the Defence, Government and Critical Infrastructure Boards. The ability to create and establish an assured and resilient data and communications network is paramount to assert and retain information security over adversarial threats.

Current systems are not scalable and will struggle to meet increasing scale, threat surface and connectivity requirements.

Stronger, simpler encryption

QuantumCloudTM is a radical paradigm shift in technology capability for customers' missions and outcomes. The symmetric key agreement (SKA) platform offers real time forward security, zero and split trust operational advantages whilst also proactively defeating quantum threats and being capable of delivery with complete enterprise or sovereign autonomy.

Government & Defence


  1. 01Forward security

    Integration allows networks to attain higher grade security with dynamic symmetric key proliferation and ratcheting keys for forward security, all at the pace and frequency determined by the mission sensitivity

  2. 02Security to the entire technology stack

    Implementation through layer 2 to 7 allows data communications between end points to be protected by symmetric keys across any network (public or closed) and such data-in-transit is safe from store now decrypt later attacks

  3. 03Split trust

    Our split trust design means that the QuantumCloudTM backoffice has no knowledge or access to the session keys, or to data exchanged and agreed across the network

  4. 04Real time access and denial management

    Network end points can be managed as individuals or security groups. Further real time remote management allows access, removal and re-keying to match security postures and threats

  5. 05No rip and replace

    As a software platform the solution can be integrated into the technology stack through APIs and SDKs minimising any rip and replace hardware costs

  6. 06Radically improves information dissemination

    Legacy policy requirements for manually managing crypt key devices are removed and replaced with digital management, which further allows hyperscaling of symmetric keys across all network devices

  7. 07Sovereign and enterprise autonomy

    In addition to our PaaS solution the QuantumCloudTM platform can be installed as a private instance offering full autonomy and sovereign control with the user's managed environment

  8. 08Supports the IT ecosystem

    Being a platform solution with standard interfaces QuantumCloud™ provides freedom of architectures, integration and management concepts of operations across users, allies, partners and approved third parties.

Providing high grade security for nation states

  • High grade cryptography

  • Data in transit and data at rest

  • Integrated multi and cross-domain networks

  • Deployable communications to tactical edge


Introducing QuantumCloud™

QuantumCloud™ uses cloud-based symmetric key agreement to keep your data absolutely safer.

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