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Internet of Things

About Internet of Things

Internet of Things

The vast amount of endpoints coupled with size, weight and power needs means that IoT often lacks security. With the adoption of industry use cases, achieving IT/OT convergence within a robust security fabric is imperative.

Internet of Things


  1. 01Enormous attack surfaces

    The profusion of IoT endpoints creates an attack surface of vast scale

  2. 02Outdated protection

    PKI was not designed to protect the IoT world. Encryption on IoT devices is often disabled due to devices being unable to meet PKI’s computational demands.

  3. 03Certificate management

    Managing certificates is often infeasible with the number of devices in IoT networks.

  4. 04Protocol interoperability

    An IoT estate can contain many different communication protocols.

Symmetric Key Creation

Secure-by-design principles at every layer

  1. 01Encrypted infrastructure tunnels

    Securing data in transit that is delivered at scale between two fixed endpoints.

  2. 02Cloud to endpoint

    Securing data between virtualized servers and networked devices.

  3. 03Endpoint to endpoint

    Securing data from networked device to networked device.

  4. 04Application layer encryption

    Securing data from application to application.

  5. 05Encrypted data storage

    Securing data at rest and in transit.

For Internet of Things We Secure

  • Smart cities, manufacturing CNI, logistics and navigation

  • Device security lifecycle management

  • IoT encryption key management services

  • IoT network communications


Introducing QuantumCloud™

QuantumCloud™ uses cloud-based symmetric key agreement to keep your data absolutely safer.

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