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About telecommunications

5G, high-speed networks, IoT, edge and cloud computing have created a significant surface area for attacks which requires simple and scalable encryption as a defence. Cloud-based symmetric key agreement can strengthen these modern infrastructures and help reduce the likelihood of data breach fines.

QuantumCloud™ key distribution is separated from the data plane, removing single-vector attacks. Telco-grade, on-demand symmetric key creation with low latency and high refresh rate gives you and your customers confidence that your data is secure—now, and against the challenges of the future.



  1. 01Outdated legacy networks

    Legacy networks were built without zero trust principles. Traditional static data centre firewall rules will become impractical as traffic profiles dynamically change.

  2. 02Quantum threat

    Encryption tunnels using PKI are overlaid on top of networks, but the ability to connect, reroute and inspect everything remains. Quantum computers are set to break encryption used widely within PKI.

  3. 03Larger attack surfaces

    5G, high-speed networks, IoT and edge and cloud computing have increased the security burden on telecommunications networks and have created a larger attack surface.

  4. 04Data breach fines

    With data breach fines growing, cloud-based symmetric key agreement can shield modern encryption methods and reduce the risk of fines.

Symmetric Key Creation

Secure-by-design principles at every layer

  1. 01Encrypted infrastructure tunnels

    Securing data in transit that is delivered at scale between two fixed endpoints.

  2. 02Cloud to endpoint

    Securing data between virtualized servers and networked devices.

  3. 03Endpoint to endpoint

    Securing data from networked device to networked device.

  4. 04Application layer encryption

    Securing data from application to application.

  5. 05Encrypted data storage

    Securing data at rest and in transit.

For Telecommunications We Secure

  • Cloud-native networks

  • Metro access networks

  • Enterprise and telecommunications data centre networks

  • Software-defined wide area networks

  • Fibre to the x networks

  • 5G and open radio access networks


Introducing QuantumCloud™

QuantumCloud™ uses cloud-based symmetric key agreement to keep your data absolutely safer.

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