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Stronger, simpler encryption

We have developed a world-leading platform that keeps safe the data of our governments, enterprises and citizens. QuantumCloud™ protects against the cyber threats of today and provides a defence against the quantum attacks of tomorrow.

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Cloud-based Quantum-safe encryption

A simple, effective solution fit for the cloud era

QuantumCloud™ is a cloud delivered Symmetric Key Agreement Platform as a Service. This can create encryption keys which are zero trust and quantum safe at unlimited scale of refresh and group size.

  • PKI Certificate Management

    PKI can be strengthened

    PKI and certificate management can be costly and difficult to scale. With the quantum age on the horizon, cloud-based symmetric key agreement can strengthen digital infrastructure while ensuring safety from threats in the next evolution of computing.

  • Quantum threat

    It is time to act

    Everyone, particularly any organisation with an obligation or duty to keep data safe for five years or more should consider themselves to be in breach of that duty by virtue of the Quantum (Store Now, Decrypt Later) exploit.

  • Manual key delivery

    Vulnerable and inefficient

    Manually provisioning and refreshing keys is complex and expensive. With current key delivery protocols, malicious actors can store data now and decrypt it later. Cloud-based symmetric key agreement is a globally scalable service with lightweight authentication, fast cryptography, rapid key rotation and a small footprint.

  • Trust

    A fundamental principle of cybersecurity

    Governments and enterprises should be able to operate without having to trust third parties with their data but modern encryption methods make this challenging. Cloud-based symmetric key agreement promotes trustless security architecture, building a layer on top of existing encryption methods that bypasses the need to put your data through the hands of external parties.


Introducing QuantumCloud™

QuantumCloud™ uses cloud-based symmetric key agreement to keep your data absolutely safer.

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