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Arqit WalletSecure™ Digital asset security for Ethereum


WalletSecure is a security enhancing product for Ethereum designed to prevent unauthorised control of digital assets.

Secure Your Digital Assets

The Private Key Problem Now

Wallets are controlled by private keys, which means anyone holding these keys can sign transactions on behalf of the legitimate owner

These keys may be breached through traditional hacking means, though security can be enhanced using a multi-sig/MPC wallet

If the keys are compromised, an adversary can sign transactions to send assets to another wallet without the legitimate owner’s consent


WalletSecure Protects Against Exploits

  • $53 million stolen from CoinEx in September 2023
  • Wintermute lost $160M in 2022
  • Atomic wallet had over $100M stolen from users July 2023
  • Harmony bridge drained of $100M from compromised multi-sig private keys
  • Slope wallet on Solana had $6M stolen from users wallets
  • Ronin network had $625M stolen from private-key compromises
  • Many individuals have had private keys compromised over the years, some amounting to multi-million dollar thefts
WalletSecure could have prevented these exploits and more. Even if the key is hacked or stolen, the digital asset remains secure.

WalletSecure In Action

Using WalletSecure, a cybercriminal with access to someone else’s private key(s) cannot steal any of the digital assets in the wallet.

For a transaction to be sent, two signature types are required:

  • The Ethereum signature from the digital asset owner
  • The post-quantum signature from WalletSecure
Fortify Your Wallet

WalletSecure Design

To authenticate the transaction provenance from the legitimate owner’s device, WalletSecure uses Arqit SKA Platform™. The protocol’s post-quantum signature is only combined with the Ethereum signature if it has originated from the correct source, meaning that if the private key is stolen by a cybercriminal, the digital asset still cannot be moved.

Real-time regulatory compliance can be integrated with WalletSecure, such as KYC AML and blacklisting, preventing non-compliant transactions before they happen.

Ethereum diagram

WalletSecure is EVM-compatible so can be used with existing security solutions such as MPC, as well as any DeFi protocol supporting smart contract wallets.

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Core Benefits


  • Digital assets cannot be moved even if a hacker steals the private-key(s)
  • Extends EVM blockchains' technological decentralisation and security
  • Reduces trust in individual signing schemes and devices


  • Integrates with and enhances existing security solutions without replacing them
  • Device-agnostic – air-gapped hardware wallet, mobile, laptop, desktop, server
  • Network (gas) fee management, enhanced scalability, and throughput of blockchain transactions
  • Compatible with any DeFi protocol, supporting smart-contract wallets and over 700 EVM blockchains

Regulatory compliance

  • Integration access for preferred third-party compliance analytics solutions for real-time enforcement
  • Prevents non-compliant transactions before they occur, rather than reporting afterwards


  • Compatible with MPC, any DeFi protocol supporting Smart Contract wallets, ERC-20/721 etc


  • Architecturally designed for cloud and device-agnostic deployment

Use Cases


Securing the issuance of digital assets

The highest standard of security available protects asset minting



Securing the storage and transacting of digital assets

Only verified users may send transactions


Enforcing real-time regulatory compliance

Provides a gateway for KYC, AML and anti-fraud checks


Simplifying blockchain accounting

Onboarding of users made simpler by centralising network fees

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